The 13 Keys Conservatory

Private Music Instruction

Offering 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour lessons
at Studio 1036 Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

The 13 Keys Conservatory offers lessons for all ages on violin, viola, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, keyboards, voice, songwriting, and digital music creation.

Lessons are offered Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 8pm in a beautiful soundproofed room located within Bohemian Trash Studios, housed at the historic Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.


Globally touring, record releasing, instrument mastering mad scientist, Blair B.


    Give students the confidence to pursue and learn concepts they love.


    Give students the tools they need to achieve their goals outside of the lesson studio.


    I will always be your biggest cheerleader. In fact, I may startle you with my applause.


    This won't be easy, but you're going to love every minute of it.


    Build the confidence to pursue your dreams of playing music live or recording your own songs.

Blair has twenty plus years of musical experience over a myriad of instruments and styles. Often regarded as a band’s Swiss Army knife, Blair plays 15 instruments professionally in world-touring productions including Black Jacket Symphony, Absinthe Junk, and American Pink Floyd. She has been featured on several albums as a Nashville session musician, composing string quartet and sax quintet pieces on the spot. Blair has released four of her own records including the musical stylings of symphonic, soundtrack, rock, electronica, jazz, blues, and alternative metal. Combining a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, Blair uses both classical and modern techniques to inspire and prepare the next generation of musicians. She strives to always maintain a high enthusiasm environment for her students through teaching a variety of styles and always allowing room for creativity.

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